Summary:After a military convoy is bombed on a New Orleans bridge, Pride and the team plan a dangerous undercover operation to retrieve a stolen missile and prevent an attack on a U.S. Naval ship. But all is not what it seems.[1]



  • Pride takes a Chicory every morning, a typical New Orleans coffee.[2]
  • Brody has a new hairsyle.
  • Brody receives some strange pictures---pictures that show photoshopped pictures of her sister.
  • Goof: The M928 Exaclibur is NOT a missile (unlike's TessrT believes it is) but an artillery shell.[3]


LaSalle: Now, you can uh..

Percy: Clean the shotguns? Done. Get Agent Pride his chicory? Also done. And that mail? Collated by recipient, stacked by size.

Brody: Kind of into having a newbie, especially one that's not me.

Percy: Listen here, luscious locks, I transferred from ATF, which means I come in as a full agent.

Brody: Pride says you report to us.

LaSalle: That's 'cause you're the Agent NFG.

Percy: Yeah, I've read all the manuals twice. No such thing as "NFG".

Patton: Oh, oh, oh. Let me clue you in. "N" stands for "new. " "G" stands for "girl.

Percy: " And the "F"?

Brody: Fancy.

LaSalle: Funky


Series RegularsEdit

Name Portrayed by Role
Dwayne Cassius Pride Scott Bakula Senior Special Agent in charge of the NCIS New Orleans office, NCIS
Christopher LaSalle Lucas Black Special Agent, New Orleans Office, NCIS
Meredith Brody Zoe McLellan Special Agent, New Orleans Office, NCIS
Sebastian Lund Rob Kerkovich Forensic Specialist, Jefferson Parrish Coroner's office
Dr. Loretta Wade C. C. H. Pounder Medical Examiner, Jefferson Parrish Coroner's office
Patton Plame Daryl Mitchell Investigative Computer Specialist
Sonja Percy Shalita Grant New NCIS Agent (former ATF Special Agent)



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