Patton Plame

Patton Plane

Patton Plame is an "Investigative Computer Specialist" introduced in the episode, "The Recruits". According to Meredith Brody, he worked for Cyber Command. Despite him insisting on being called an "Investigative Computer Specialist", Christopher LaSalle calls him a hacker.

Plame has worked with Sebastian Lund on cases, particularly in the episodes "Watch Over Me" and "Lover Hurts". Despite their common knowledge of computer technology, they have disagreements. Plane does not believe in Sebastian belief that the US government has secret technology in Area 51. Nor does he believe in Yetis, like Sebastian.

Plame nicknamed himself "Double P" much to Sebastian's disagreement. In Careful What You Wish For, he added a third P to his nickname, calling himself "Triple P".

Plame is always seen on a wheelchair as the actor Daryl Mitchell, is paralysed.

Plame has a vehicle nicknamed the Triple P mobile.

Plame will be a regular character in Season 2 since Daryl Mitchell has been promoted to series regular.

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