Meredith "Merri" Brody is a former NCIS Supervisory Special Agent with the New Orleans field office.

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The daughter of a professor who was later revealed to have served in the military and a journalist, Oliva, Brody later graduated from Michigan State University.

She was also engaged to be married to James Lathom, a journalist but the two later broke up.

Brody later joined NCIS and after becoming a full-fledged NCIS agent, presumably carried out a few assignments of her own before being assigned as the Special Agent Afloat on board the USS Moultrie.

In 2010, she confronted Petty Officer Third Class Jerry Cooper who was wielding a suicide vest. Brody hesitated and as such, Cooper committed suicide with the attack causing extensive damage to the ship and also resulting in five fatalities as well.

In the aftermath of the bombing, Brody was later reassigned to the NCIS Chicago Office.

She presumably worked there for some time before requesting the assignment to New Orleans.

NCIS Season Eleven Edit

Crescent City (Part I and Part II) Edit

Brody made her debut appearance in the Season 11 episode, "Crescent City".

Season One Edit

Brody was a tall, thin woman in her late thirties, early forties with short brown hair and brown eyes.

In the backdoor pilot for NCIS: New Orleans and also NCIS: New Orleans Season 1, Brody had short hair that reached to the back of her neck with a slight fringe covering her forehead.

Season Two Edit

In NCIS: New Orleans Season 2, Brody's hair grew long to the point that it completely covered both her ears while the fringe covered the right side of her forehead.

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Total 95

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