The programme and its characters were introduced during the eleventh season of NCIS. The NCIS episodes, "Crescent City (Part I)" and "Crescent City (Part II)", served as backdoor pilot episodes for the show.

Introductory episodes Edit

Introductory episodes

Episode Number Title Airdate Notes
Season Series
Pilot Pilot Crescent City (Part I) March 25, 2014. A Congressman is found murdered in New Orleans, Gibbs and his team join forces with Tobias Fornell's FBI team and the local NCIS field team. Gibbs reunites with long-time compatriot and friend NCIS Special Agent Dwayne "King" Pride (Scott Bakula). With that, Gibbs and useless Bishop head to New Orleans while DiNozzo and McGee stay in D.C. to work the case with Fornell. Things soon become personal as the Congressman was a former NCIS agent and their contemporary and his murder could possibly be linked to one of their old cases. The episode ends with Gibbs, Pride and Agents Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan) and Christopher LaSalle (Lucas Black) standing in a square while from a hotel room, the unrevealed killer begins taking surveillance photographs of the NCIS team as Gibbs and Pride look on..
Pilot Crescent City (Part II) April 01 2014. Another victim is found in the wetlands, dead at least two weeks. His throat had been cut with a steel blade and jet fuel is found in tire tracks near his body. Abby calls Gibbs to say the jet fuel matched the fuel found on the car mats belonging to victim Agent Doyle. A suspect, believed to have been obsessed with Congressman McLane and the Privileged Killer case, is also found dead. Gibbs and Pride track the killer, the son of a McClane contributor, to a military bar and a nearby cemetery, after Gibbs recalls marble dust also being found in Doyle's car. After solving this case, Pride and his team receive another call.